I am excited to share with you the launching of my new website.  Life cycle moments are spiritual milestones that give us not only a perspective on life but also give us a chance to mark a major time in our lives.  As we enter into the fall season we are grateful for the colors of our backdrop.  The leaves of the trees seem to sing in glory.  May we take a moment to see that as the leaves change, so have our lives.  The trees will become bare soon and seem to yearn for the sun.  We also yearn for those moments of light and life.  As a Rabbi without walls I want to bring light into the lives of families celebrating or commemorating a special moment. 

Allow me to share with you a story that I speak about in my website.

There was a traveller who was walking through the dessert.  Tired and forlorn he looked for shade, food and drink to sustain him on his journey.  All of a sudden, in the distance the man saw a tree with fruits and a stream running beside it.  He ran to the tree.  What a beautiful tree he exclaimed!  The fruit is so delicious and the water in the stream is so cold and crisp and the shade provided by the branches is divine.  When the traveller finished, he wanted to bless the tree.   Tree, tree how shall I bless you? – You are already so blessed.  I know, I shall bless you and say – may all the trees that are born from you be as beautiful as you. 

The tree in this story was truly blessed.  As you engage in every life cycle whether it be a wedding, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, a baby naming or a funeral, may you be blessed knowing that the seeds that you plant for the next generation will touch eternity. May we be so blessed that as the autumn leaves show their colors of joy, we will remember all the moments for which we have been blessed.